Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday for both children and the whole family. The Bucks County Health Department and Emergency Management want to share COVID-19 and other general precautions for Bucks County residents to help ensure Halloween is held safely as possible this year.

  • Trick-or-Treaters should stay outside at all times, as it is a lower risk for transmission.
  • Trick-or-Treaters should wear reflective clothing and use a flashlight to remain easily visible to traffic and other groups.
  • Trick-or-treat in small groups, making it easier to social distance as much as possible. Face coverings should be worn if not able to remain 6 feet apart. Most Halloween masks will not suffice as a protective face covering.
  • Avoid being within 6 feet from those who live outside your household for more than 15 consecutive minutes.
  • Anyone handing out candy should wear a face-covering and remain outside through the event if possible.
  • Both trick-or-treaters and those giving out candy should sanitize their hands regularly.
  • Avoid costume parties and other large indoor social gatherings, especially with alcohol present. 


Bucks County Development of Health 

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