Bensalem Township Police have received numerous complaints about bicycle riders impeding traffic and causing issues on township roadways.  The area of Springdale Drive and Wexford Road has been the hot spot for this type of activity.

We are committed to addressing these issues in a manner that thwarts this activity but also keeps our bicycle riders safe.

Bensalem Police have created a portal where you can upload photographs and videos of these bicycle riders.  Once we receive your submissions, we will investigate, identify and cite these individuals with the appropriate traffic violations.

This portal should only be used to upload photographs and/or videos of bicycle riders that cause traffic issues in Bensalem Township.

Please safely obtain photographs or videos of the bicycle riders faces and bicycles so they can be identified.  If the bicycle riders actions are causing serious issues that need immediate attention, please dial 9-1-1 and report the incident so that an officer can be dispatched to your location.  Bensalem Township Police urge you to not put yourself or the bicycle riders in a hazardous position to obtain this evidence.

Click HERE to upload photographs or videos