Deputy Director of Public Safety David Richardson


Deputy Director Richardson has been a Bensalem Township Police officer for 23 years.  The Deputy Director oversees the daily operations of the Police Department and assists The Director of Public Safety with Planning and Research, Recruitment, Selection, Hiring, Promotion and Direction of Personnel, Disciplinary Procedures, Performance Evaluations, Human Resources and Worker Compensation. 

His previous rank of Lieutenant put him in command of the investigations section of police operations and has also commanded the patrol division and the K9 unit.  Prior to being a Lieutenant, he was a Sergeant in the Patrol Division, Criminal Investigations Division and the K9 unit.  Deputy Director Richardson worked two K9 partners, Czar and Prince, during his 13 years in the K9 unit.

Deputy Director Richardson received a Bachelor's Degree from Lock Haven University, a Master's Degree from Oklahoma University and graduated from Northwestern University's School of Police Staff and Command.