Accident Investigation


The Accident Investigations Unit investigates and reconstructs accidents resulting in serious injury or fatalities ,and DUI related fatal/ serious injury accidents. Each investigator is assigned to a platoon, and is a trained expert in the field of advanced accident reconstruction. They work very closely with the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, when handling, alcohol and/ or drug related major accidents. Members are trained in the reconstruction of motor vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and pedestrian related accidents. It is the investigators’ experience that will allow them to reconstruct an accident and attempt to determine the causation or contributing factors of the accident. Each year, the police department investigates an average of 3,000+ accidents.

List of Members

Lt. Robert Bugsch

Sgt. Vandegrift
Det. Oliverio
Det. Tropiano
Cpl. Marshall
Cpl. Errigo
Ofc. Muller
Ofc. Litvinenko
Ofc. Reheil
Ofc. Pettine
Ofc. Terinoni
Ofc. MacDougall
Ofc. S. Smith
Ofc. Broderick
Ofc. Fleming