Bear wandering in the area of Rolling Hills Road

A bear was spotted today by a resident in the 700 Block of Rolling Hills Road.  It moved on into the woods after visiting a bird feeder.  The PA Game Commission was made aware of the sighting.  Below is some information from the PA Game Commission that provides residents with tips for these interactions.  If a bear becomes a nuisance by being destructive or dangerous you can report it to the Game Commission at their Southeast Region Office (Phone: 610-926-3136). 

How can I help to prevent negative human-bear interactions on my property?

Black bears eat a diet consisting of plants and meats. During times of the year where natural food sources are low, bears sometimes help themselves to food that is easily accessible, including bird feeders, trash cans and pet food left outside within a bear’s reach. Once a bear finds easy access to food, they are likely to frequently come back for more. Here are a few ways to limit human-bear interactions: Bring pet food containers and bird feeders inside overnight, or completely if bears continually return; keep trash cans inside, if possible, until the morning of collection day; and regularly clean and remove grease from outside grills. A few additional ways to help prevent bears getting into garbage: Keep garbage cans clean by washing them out a few times a year with bleach or ammonia; keep bears from easily getting inside cans by attaching ratchet straps (not bungee cords) across the lid in an “X” pattern; and do not strap cans to a tree or post, as doing so actually gives a bear leverage to more easily access a can if someone is using an actual bear-proof container or using the ratchet straps. If a bear on your property becomes a nuisance by being destructive or dangerous, you can report it to the Game Commission region office that serves the county in which it’s located. Visit for more ways to prevent human-bear conflicts.

Rolling Hills bear